Son Jong Nam

3 08 2007

Came across this article from the New York Sun.

A North Korean Christian has been arrested, officially because the North Korean government claims he illegally crossed the border, but according to his younger brother here in the States, who is pleading for help, the entire issue has to do with religion.

Son Jong Nam left North Korea for China after his pregnant wife was severely beaten by North Korean soldiers (both she and their child were lost), he returned to preach the Gospel, for which he was arrested and has been held prisoner and is currently awaiting public execution as an example to the North Korean people.

Martyrdom is bitter-sweet in our faith. Death is never a good thing, death is always an ugly awful thing, even the death of a martyr; at the same time to kill a martyr is, ultimately, to cause the exact opposite than the intended effect. When the powers of the world try and silence us, our voice echoes louder.

Whether Brother Son Jong Nam lives or dies, he is already a martyr, a witness to our faith. We pray that his life be spared, that he is let go and is given the gift of enjoying the rest of his natural life; but should his execution be carried out, let us pray that through his sacrifice the Kingdom of God resounds, and the grace of God is carried by the Spirit to all who are experience his martyrdom. Thy Kingdom come, Lord, and Thy will be done. Our brother is in Your hands, Lord.

Brother Son, we both know that the grave is now powerless, it’s an empty vain power, and can’t hold anyone any longer. Regardless of how events unfold from here on out, I look forward to meeting you at that time when we shall all be together, in the Presence and Glory of our precious Lord Jesus Christ, for whose Name you presently suffer.

Lord, have mercy.
God be praised. Amen.


Found this Youtube Video,





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6 08 2007

Yup check out to check out The Voice of Marytrs they have a great newsletter and report these type of things regularly.

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