Abandonment to Love once Crucified

24 08 2007

In the ideological war, where the isms clash against one another for dominance, where in a post-enlightenment and post-modern globe, Jesus stands alone, whose only militant position was that of radical love, far away from militant ideology, to suffer the world its indulgences, Jesus commands attention who breaks away from our vitriolic metaphorical cannibalism; standing alone against the war of man versus man proclaims the cessation of conflict, and marks the death of cannibalistic religionism and ideologism. If Jesus is ever to be compared to a military general it is only in His proclamation that we follow Him heel and toe toward endless and unceasing love toward one another, even to the point of dying. He is not merely some martyr for a movement, but a Movement Himself, a movement away from the world, and a movement toward unconquerable self-giving love and theocentric humanism.

For it is God who stands in Christ, suffering the abominable iniquities of the world, crucified in the world by the world and for the world; and it is through the greatest defeat that the greatest victory is achieved. For the Crucified Christ disarms His enemies by letting them simply run out of ammunition, and after all their hostile energies are spent, He wraps them up in all-embracing forgiveness, leaving even the most sadistic tyrant powerless.

Caesar for all his power and violent might, marching through the world and enslaving whole nations simply can not overcome the Crucified Man, who holding all judgment in His hands pronounces upon the Tree, “Father, forgive them.”

For there is no power which can disarm Him who has never been armed, and the weaponless can never be destroyed by the machinations of war.

Thousands of philosophies, ideologies, theologies and tyrannies all stand poised to annihilate one another, the Crucified Jesus stands alone, having overcome them all, robbing them of their might.

To all who question if love can ever overcome hate, they need only to look to the One who embodies love, and is Himself the Love of God; for all our hate, and all our anger, and all our prejudice, for all that we might, we could not stop the Son of God, who rose from the dead, overpowering and disarming Hell and Hades and leaving Death in a slump, has stood upon the dragon’s head and defiantly swallowed up the world in the Grace of God. Not only shall love overcome hate, Love has already overcome it.

And He has established His Revolution, the wildfire of forgiveness was set to blaze once and for all upon silent cruciform silhouette, the naked Body of the Son of Mary hung in the distance upon Mount Calvary; the fire it rages and it continues to ignite the hearts of those who come into contact with it. For despite all of the world’s tactics, nothing has come close to extinguishing this fire, and it ignites and consumes and burns down all that it comes into contact with, and shall, one day, at the time of His Coming, engulf the world in a final roar, and all our swords will have become plowshares and all our spears pruning shears. Even the lion shall lose his carnivorous bite and shall lay gently with the newborn lamb; the child shall play near the viper’s den and shall fear nothing.

For despite all that we may witness in the world around us, the hate and the wars and the sufferings of the innocent, the power of tyranny is failing, and our “culture war” rhetoric and all our ideological and philosophical disputations are its evidence. Though it may increase, it is all doomed to futility, the Cross has already happened, the grave has already been defeated, Death is already dead, and the Gospel is already being preached.

Behold He comes with the clouds, and every eye will see Him on that day.

And then the trumpet sound, and the Judgment, the Resurrection of all flesh, and the Age to Come forever and ever; and God will be our God, and we will be His people, and Death and Hell itself shall be thrown away like rubbish, never to be heard from again. And the Voice of Grace shall speak, and His Peace enduring forever, and the reign of the nations shall become the Reign of our God and of His Christ, forever and ever and ever. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.





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