A Prayer Based Upon the Great Litany

8 09 2007

A Prayer for Peace, Safety, and the Salvation of All.

To God, the Almighty Father, and Christ Jesus His only Son and our Lord, and to the Holy Spirit who proceeds eternally, we pray to God the Most Holy and Divine Trinity whose Blessed Kingdom we long for, Your Kingdom come, Lord, in our hearts and in our lives, and at the Coming of our Lord Jesus we now wait; blessing, honor, and glory to our God. Amen.

In peace let us pray. For the peace of God and for our salvation and the salvation of the whole world, let us pray. For the peace of the whole world, for the stability and unity of all the holy churches, and for the unity of all mankind, let us pray. For this house and this sanctuary and for all who enter into it with faith, reverance and the awe of God, let us pray. For our bishops, presbyters, and deacons in the service of Christ; for all clergy everywhere and for all the Faithful, let us pray. For this nation, and all nations, for our leaders and all leaders, without bias or prejudice, with goodwill toward all men, and the peace and safety of the whole world, let us pray. For this city, for every city, for all people and all Christians everywhere, let us pray. For good weather, for abundance of fruit and grain, for temperate seasons, let us pray. For travellers by land, sea and air, for the sick, the suffering; for the captives and those in prison, for the hungry and the weak, and for all those who are oppressed, and for their salvation, let us pray. For our deliverance from all affliction, wrath, danger, distress, and all the evil charms of the evil one, let us pray. From all temptation, save us and rescue us; help us, save us, have mercy upon us, and protect us, O Lord our God, by Your Grace.

Remembering now St. Mary the Virgin and mother of our Lord, along with all the Holy Saints, committing ourselves to their example, and committing ourselves to one another, and all together, as the Holy Christian Church, committing our whole life to Christ Jesus our Lord, King and God.

Lord, our God, whose power is beyond compare, and glory beyond comprehension; whose mercy is boundless, and love for us ineffable; look upon us and upon this house and sanctuary in Your compassion. Grant to us and to those who pray with us Your abundant mercy.

For to You belongs all glory, honor and worship; to God the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Most Holy God and Divine Trinity, now and forever, and to the ages of ages, in the Name of Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.




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