My 12 Beefs with American Christianity

4 11 2007

My intention here is to eventually go over these twelve issues which I think are highly problematic in American Christianity, please note that I am not picking on any particular subgroup of American Christianity but dealing with a wide range of issues.

Here’s the list, with the most bombastic of titles as I could come up with to make me sound smarter than I really am.

1) The Culture War.

2) The Gnostification of Salvation and Christ.

3) Americocentric Religionism.

4) Jerks for Jesus.

5) The Bibliolotry of American Fundegelicalism.

6) The Sanctification of Capitalism.

7) The Plight of the Enfranchized.

8) The Renunciation of Creed.

9) Antiscientism.

10) The Demythification of Faith.

11) Dominionism.

12) The Exaltation of Modernity.




One response

12 11 2007

Good! It is a critique that ought to be written.

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