The Rapture: It Sucks

12 08 2008

I really can’t begin to tell people just how much I can’t stand the “Rapture” stuff. I really hate it, I think it’s an insult to the Faith and an insult to the Lord Jesus Christ.

No, I don’t have anything really “intelligent” to say here, this is it, more of a complaint than a post. Just needed a place to do it.




2 responses

16 08 2008

*dcrowe would love to read your comment but he’s been extra-Biblically yanked out of the good world that God created to laugh vicariously at all the people Jesus told him to love while He sends horrific suffering on them. Please leave your message after the beep.*

16 08 2008
Scott Starr

I couldn’t agree with you more. I just made a blog entry at my own site about John Hagee and his band of loonies. In researching for that- I tripped over your blog here. I like several of the posts. Good work.

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