My Plastic Jesus

26 08 2008

Oh my plastic Jesus,
How I love you so,
You are so fake and sterile,
No punch, no pow, no go!

When I worship you,
I pose you as I will,
Karate chop the bad guys,
Send ’em all to hell.

You are my plastic Jesus,
My saving friend indeed,
My soul you send to heaven,
You’re everything I need.

You demand nothing from me,
You do everything I say,
Serving you is easy,
Cheap grace means no pay.

Oh you’re my plastic Jesus,
In my church of plastic smiles,
When hypocrisy is abounding,
I love how you keep silent.

The poor I can ignore,
And I can beat up on gays,
Because you’re my plastic Jesus,
Gee golly you’re A-OK!

Can thump a plastic Bible,
Every single day,
Carry you on Sunday,
Cheaply, you’ve washed my sins away.

You’re my plastic Jesus,
You mean everything to me,
As long as you’re my Jesus,
My life is mine to keep.




One response

26 08 2008
Beth Tery

I found your site through a web search on plastic. Wasn’t looking for a poem about a plastic Jesus, but this grabbed me because it illustrates not only what’s wrong with hypocrisy but also what’s wrong with plastic. As Edward Espe Brown, the Buddhist monk/chef says in the film, How to Cook Your Life, “Plastic is not sincere.”

I’m not a Christian. I blog a lot about plastic and ways to reduce our plastic consumption and plastic waste and take care of our planet. But even though I am personally not a Christian, I have many Christian readers who want to do their part to take care of this world that God has created.

I blog at Fake Plastic Fish: Feel free to drop by.

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