Eucharistic Challenge?

30 08 2008

So, apparently since that student took a Eucharistic host from church and certain American Catholic big boys got really upset about it’s become really popular to now post videos of desecrating the host. Here’s an example:

Listen, I can understand some little adolescent kids doing this, because that’s the kind of thing they do. But when adults start acting this way, that’s just sad.

What I suppose bothers me even more is that the whole point here is to piss people off, and when they do, mission accomplished. You’ve succeeded in pissing people off and proving to yourself that these people “must” all be morons and fanatics. Congratulations, you’ve succeeded in acting like a bigot splendidly. For your next challenge, perhaps you could walk up to a group of African Americans wearing “black face” makeup and talk about how much you just love grape soda and watermelon, and when you’ve offended some people, you can convince yourself of just how “fanatical” those “negroes” are.

Good job, no really, pat yourselves on the back. You’ve fucking earned it man.

With that said, for any Christians (Catholic or otherwise) who may come across this, here’s some advice. Yes, what they are doing is bigoted and juvenile, it’s offensive and stupid. But don’t degrade yourself by allowing it to bother you into a spitting match. Don’t. Don’t try to argue, don’t debate. Kick the dust off your sandals and just let it go. You can’t win this by responding to it. Love your neighbor, and forgive those who spit in your face. You win a greater victory by imitating Christ here than by responding to juvenile vitriol with indignation and anger.




4 responses

30 08 2008

“You win a greater victory by imitating Christ here”

So go out, construct a whip, return and then beat the snot out of them! (John 2:15)

Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😉

30 08 2008

It’s actually the Eucharist Desecration or Host Desecration Challenge. It actually makes sense if you look up the Medieval roots of the belief in question.

5 09 2008

LOL, Jesus didn’t hit anyone with his whip. That’s a bad translation that’s been corrected in the newer translations. But I understand the impulse.

People desecrated Jesus’ body plenty during the crucifixion, so I assume he’s not to worked up about this kind of nonsense. I agree – forgive them, move on.

3 10 2008

Well, I didn’t watch. What’s the use.

I realize that traditionally we view the host as being Christ and so this is an amusingly offensive act for some–but I really don’t see how anybody could desecrate Christ–it’s just a plain old wafer. If Christ can come, Christ can go.

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